NAS Early Access: Skincare, Beauty, Hair

There’s way, way, way more to be seen than they show you in the catalog. Lucky for you, I love looking through all that, and I’ve culled my favorite skin, beauty, and hair picks for your consideration.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Glance

This is a sale unlike other sales, because while most sales are simply the stuff a store hasn’t been able to sell marked down, the NAS is NEXT SEASON’S (read: brand-new) stuff.

My Current Morning Routine

Routines tell you not only what someone uses but how they use it — allowing you to figure out your own needs in the process.

Masked and Answered: Under-Eye Circles

As someone who is over-the-top about skincare, doesn’t like to wear a lot of makeup, and is extremely Type A about basically everything I take on, it bothers me so, so, so much that I continue to have dark circles beneath my eyes. I’ve done a lot of looking into it, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

My Beauty Inspirations

So, in addition to having no qualifications other than my own obsessive interest, you may wonder from where my background in skincare enthusiasm comes. Of course, it came in phases.