And So It Begins, or Who Are You to Tell Me Things?

Hi, and welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I started this blog, really, to satisfy one of my biggest pleasures: talking/writing about skincare. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance I’ve tried it: a pared-back bare-bones routine, an infinite-steps K-inspired routine, and everything in between. I’ve tried clay masks, sheet masks,¬†sleeping masks, eye masks, in-shower masks, and actual hook-behind-my-ears masks. Over the years, my skin has gone from extremely oily and resilient to parched and sensitive. And we’ll get into all of that in the posts to come.

I’m not trying to give you professional advice, here. Let me be very clear about that:¬†I am not a dermotologist. If you have questions, I’m glad – no, delighted! – to try to answer them, but if you’re seeking official medical advice I’m not your gal. I’m just a committed enthusiast with a lot of opinions, for what those are worth.

I’ll do posts in a variety of ways. I’ve planned for topics like suggested routines, product reviews, deep dives on specific ingredients, dupe searches, and so on. I’ll also be glad to take reader questions – simply head over to the contact page to submit yours (make sure to click the box that says it’s okay for me to publish the Q).

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! See you at the spa.

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. – Renee Rouleau


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