Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Glance

It’s almost time, y’all. It’s almost this lady’s favorite time of year: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is a sale unlike other sales, because while most sales are simply the stuff a store hasn’t been able to sell marked down, the NAS is NEXT SEASON’S (read: brand-new) stuff. Every summer they mark down their new fall inventory for a few weeks and the blogosphere goes wild. It’s the best sale of the year.


Shoppers can get early access to the sale starting next week if they hold a Nordstrom card; I have the Nordstrom debit, which I far prefer since it just acts like a PayPal account that only works at Nordstrom and gets me points and complimentary alterations. In the meantime, daydreamers will have to peruse the onlineĀ catalog; here’s what caught my eye:


I am so in love with this Badgley Mischka coat. The wrap shape with the trench details (THAT NECKLINE) and the lilac color just mesmerize me. I probably won’t get it, because I literally just bought a wrap coat last year (except in gray, which UGH is probably more versatile) so if any of you get this coat I will want a full review.


Well-fitted workwear, however, at Halogen (one of the store brands) prices — almost always reasonable. I like that these are classic and wearable together or apart. I love, love, love that blouson top; I can’t wait to try it on in person.


Perhaps I’m most excited about this; I’ve been dithering on whether I should get a NuFace for AGES. Costco had one at an amazing price and I regret taking too long to decide. This isn’t as amazing as the Costco price (I’ve got my fingers crossed they try to create a little competitish when the NSale goes live) but it’s also a darn good discount.

What’s a NuFace, you ask? They use microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen production in your skin. It’s basically an at-home version of a fancy schmancy facial, and the reviews seem to be unanimous that it really works wonders to create lift at your jawline, brow line, and (I’m particularly excited about this) undereye. At this price, if you use it three times you’ve gotten your money’s worth.


The NSale is also always a great, great, great resource for amazing beauty sets. I’m particularly excited to try out these three kits from Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and NARS — they all appear to do roughly the same thing, so if I buy one I’m unlikely to buy another, but the beauty world really seems to be on my color wheel (understated, good with green eyes, just the tiniest bit of shimmer) this year.

I’ll update my lust list once the full sale is live. I’m also semi-hoping there are website issues again this year, since last year’s outage resulted in cardholders getting 10x points for shopping, but that lightning seems unlikely to strike twice.

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