Stemming from my own interest in all things skincare-related, Masked and Answered explores the world of serums, essences, toners, cleansers, creams, lotions, and (of course) masks from the stance of a total amateur. That’s right, I’m no dermatologist, nor do I claim to be anything more than an enthusiast. I’ll take Qs and do my best to provide As, but if you need a prescription or anything related I recommend taking your services to a licensed professional.

Who are you, anyway?

I’m a native North Carolinian who has spent the past 10 years in Washington, DC. When I’m not pampering my epidermis, I’m usually reading the magical realists, mall-walking like I’m 50 years older than I am, sharing my unrequested opinions on Dancing with the Stars, or singing loudly to show tunes in my car.

Do you accept reader questions?

Not only do I accept them, I encourage them! Masked and Answered was partially inspired by the questions I started getting from friends and acquaintances when I’d post my skincare photos to Instagram. I love-love-love talking about skincare, so if you’ve got a Q I’ll be glad to try to A it.

Does anyone sponsor your posts?

Nope. If I link to products there’s a good chance it’ll be an affiliate link (i.e. one that earns me money if you click it) but those are not connected to any kind of sponsored post or review. I’ll accept products or services to review (with my own opinion) or give away, but I don’t accept payments for content.